Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Home Sellers Want Experienced and Honest Agents...What Do you Want for 2012???

Before we know it, the Spring Real Estate Market will be upon us.  If you are planning to sell your home or purchase one, HOW WILL YOU CHOOSE A REALTOR?

Trends for 2011 (according to The National Association of Realtors)

Home sellers want experienced and honest agents according to the  2011 National Association of Realtors® Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers.  Home sellers care more about integrity and an agent’s ability sell their home than what a Realtor looks like...... and whether or not they are tweeting.

The relationship between Realtor and consumer is a KEY COMPONENT, with word of mouth referral still topping the way home buyers and sellers initially connect with their agents.

Over the years, the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) has been a natural part of the real estate process, with 92 percent of sellers this year saying their home was listed through the MLS while 4 percent did not list their home on the MLS and the remaining 4 percent were unsure.

Full service agents (like me) remain the most highly tapped resources, with 80 percent of sellers saying they worked with an agent who could provide a broad range of services and manage most aspects of the sale while 10 percent worked with an agent who provided a limited set of services provided by the remaining 10 percent worked with an agent who listed the home on a MLS and performed few additional services.

What sellers want from their agent

The NAR reports that because so many sellers find their agent through word of mouth, their agent’s reputation is one of the most important factors as consumers want to work with someone a friend or family member has had a good experience with. Word of mouth marketing whether online or off,  provides accountability to any service provider as consumers can call the referrer to complain and attempt to go around a professional – it’s common and consumers want that safety net.

Home sellers also say one of the top qualities in an agent that they desire is honesty and trustworthiness as a home is one of the biggest investment of a person’s life.

The Bottom Line

If you agree with the National Association of Realtors, then there is only one choice for your 2012 real estate agent...Pam Webb (that's me)!  Contact me at Have a wonderful New Year and I look forward to working with you in 2012.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Coffee Talk With Me: Ferraros of Westfield Comes to Summit

Coffee Talk With Me: Ferraros of Westfield Comes to Summit: I used to live in Westfield. One of our favorite places to eat was Ferraros. It was many peoples' favorite because they had 2 parts of th...

Ferraros of Westfield Comes to Summit

I used to live in Westfield.  One of our favorite places to eat was Ferraros.  It was many peoples' favorite because they had 2 parts of the restuarant; the fancy dining room and the casual dining room.  Momma was always there to greet you and you felt like you were having dinner in her home.  After we moved out of Westfield we didn't go eat there much.  It was always so crowded we drifted to other Italian restaurants closer to home.

Then came the fire and beloved Ferraros Restaurant was no more.  But I am thrilled to announce that the Ferraro family has opened Anna's Ristorante in Summit.  We found it quite by accident and was stunned to see that the Ferraro trademark is all over the restaurant.  The food is amazing, the staff is wonderful and, although it's not Momma, it's still the family greeting you like an old friend (whether they know you or not).  The restaurant design is lovely and it just makes you feel good to be there.

Dont take my word for it.  Please visit Annas Ristorante in Summit.  Let me know what you think.

Yours in Coffee (or should I say vino?),


Thursday, December 1, 2011

Coffee Talk With Me: Great Holiday Items

Coffee Talk With Me: Great Holiday Items: 'GMA' Steals and Deals: Exclusive Discou...

Great Holiday Items

'GMA' Steals and Deals: Exclusive Discounts on Unique Gift Items That You Can Personalize

Making your list?  Scratching your head?  Don't want to go to the mall? Have some gifts to get for people that have everything?  People who like "different" gifts?  Co-workers?  Secret Santa? Friends? Family? Your husband's co-workers (that you buy for)?  This link will take you to some very different gifts. 

I am a Good Morning America person.  Always have been, always will be.  They are not "sensational" news...they are just a great source of information, tips and of course the weather!  There is a woman that is on weekly that always has "deals and steals" to offer the audience.  I sometimes pay attention, but am often working and the show is background noise.  Not today!  She had some really terrific gift items (you can buy yourself a gift too, I did) that will be noticed.  I want to take this opportunity while you are having coffee with me to share them with you! They are personal, they are different and most of all, THEY ARE DISCOUNTED.  I bought the "I AM MARYANN" necklace that says "I Am Focused".  Those three words will remind me daily that I am in charge of my career and that focus and organization will bring great results.

Please post your throughts on my blog.  Leave comments on the items..Do you think they are as great as I do?  Enjoy and happy cyber shopping

Yours in Coffee,


Sunday, November 27, 2011

Coffee Talk With Me: They Came, They Saw, They Ate...It was all Good!

Coffee Talk With Me: They Came, They Saw, They Ate...It was all Good!: Thanksgiving Day has now passed. I know you are all waiting and holding your breath to see how it went in my house (only kidding)! I must ...

They Came, They Saw, They Ate...It was all Good!

Thanksgiving Day has now passed.  I know you are all waiting and holding your breath to see how it went in my house (only kidding)!  I must tell you that this Thanksgiving was one of the best ever; everyone close to me was around the table and it was simply wonderful. The red dining room (pics to follow) was a big hit, the china actually looked great on the table and the food was amazing!  I actually cooked!   I'm disappointed that no one posted a comment on this blog with easy recipes...I was left to develop the menu myself (thanks a bunch readers)! My brother in law Chris was my partner in crime; he is amazing cook and all around terrific person.  I am thankful that he was here and really orchestrated the entire production.

Of course no Thanksgiving for a realtor is complete without business calls.  At 10 Thanksgiving morning a deal was accepted and both the listing realtor and I were VERY thankful.  When I started this career I never realized that no time is sacred...when the client says list or can be 4 in the morning...we must always be on our toes.  At least I am.  My dedication to my profession is a 24 hour a day/7 days a week plan.  Family comes first but my clients are definitely a huge priority in my life. It is appreciated and the reason why I receive so many referrals...I am always there, am very organized and truly dedicated.  Enough of this public service get the picture.  Back to Thanksgiving...

When we all sat down at the table it is a tradition to go around the table and say what you were thankful for.  It's nice to know that we can still do that and everyone seems to enjoy the exercise.  Then, of course what took 2 weeks to prepare was finished in less than an hour.  It's kind of a let you feel that way too?  Such a build up and then poof, let the cleanup begin.  Turkey salad, turkey soup, turkey, turkey, turkey....stop the madness!

Now, its 4 weeks until Christmas and Hanukkah.  Oy Vey!  The tree goes up, the menorah comes out, the snowman appear and the second act of the holiday season begins.  So let me ask you feel the joy of the season or the stress of getting it all done?  Since the holiday decorations have been in the stores since July 4th, we know its coming...but until that last bite of turkey is eaten on Thanksgiving day, it doesn't seem real.  Is that why Black Friday creates such a frenzy?  I used to be that 5 in the morning crazy person needing to get the Pokemon sheets.  It makes me sad that the stores and the media put so much emphasis on Black Friday that shootings, pepper spray, trampled people and fights happen. What material item is so important to risk life and limb?  How can we go back to simplier and spiritual times?  I am determined to find the answer.  So I ask you today...what do you think?  Is there a way to say goodbye to materialism and return to the true meaning of the holidays?  Will you take a minute after you read this to reflect on this blog and think of one thing that can change to make this holiday season about joy, family, health and love...not about the 42" TV.  I would love to read your comments and I think we can all help each other.  print your comments and pass this posting along.  Lets join hands and bring the spirit in together!! 

Yours in Coffee,